AKM Automatic Kidnapper Modernized




A tall menacing girl with the ears and tail of a fox and short blonde hair, dresses like a soviet commisar in brown Sapogi boots and trenchcoat fashion.


A cunning fox Cold as Siberian winter. Always calm and composed, she can taunt western guns into her pace with a smirk of pure commie evulness.

As a gun born in Soviet Russia she like 47 is an existence that strongly inherited Soviet Military doctrine and core values. Probably the most dangerous of all the 3 stripes capable of decieving even the likes of AK47.

Автомат Калашникова Модернизированный
2016-03-01 17.41.17
Nickname(s) Evul Gun
Seiyū N\A
Country of Origin Советский союз
Classification Assault rifle
Barrel length 415 mm(16.2inch)
Weight 3.1KG
Length 880 mm 
Fire rate 600 RPM
Produced 1950-present
Family Any Cheap AK
Affiliations Crimson Steel Academy
Anime Debut N\A
Manga Debut Chapter 25 cameo chapter 27 actual


The AKM was a stamped AK-47 in 1950's. Which is strange because it was also the same rifle and not the 47 that modernized the Russian Army with their iconic AK's.



Later the whole Iron Curtain.

Then the world of Africa, Asia, South America..

Used by Any Communist Rebel Faction Worldwide.

Became a symbol on the flag of Mozambique.


The AKM fired the 7.62 that was designed to tumble just like the SKS. It also was very short with a 16 inch barrel. Soviet doctrine states that rifle is accurate up to 300 meters in "controlled" automatic fire.



In Africa $12

in mindanao as much as a cow

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