Even SHAFT would envy dat headtilt


AKA Abakan, Pulley-tan

Do you even tilt?

In Fiction Edit


Like most other Red Steel students, AN 94 has cat ears (fluffy tail status: unknown). Unlike most students, she wears a military uniform, which in the NATO school, are only worn by teachers. She has a permanent head-tilt, because the AN 94's magazine has to be tilted slightly to make room for all the loading mechanism.


She's kinda silent, so who knows? She's probably a very complicated girl.


She is seen as Akaganekou Instructor's weapon of choice in chapter 29 of Upotte!!.

In Real Life Edit


Over-engineered moe


The Russians wanted a weapon that could fire two rounds almost simultaneously, so the second round would already be out before the recoil from the first round hit. The end result was a gun so ridiculously complicated that it actually had a pulley system in it. In an unusual role reversal, it was the Americans who happened upon a much simpler solution: put two bullets in the same shell casing.


Originally designed to be the standard assault rifle for the Russian Army in 1994 passing all reliablity, accuracy and ease of use tests but failing in the price category. The gun didn't make it to the Russian Army, being beaten by the new AK-74M because of it being 3x as cheap, even with all the bad luck the designers had the gun had a couple of thousand sales to 2 high rank Russian millitary organaisations, the Russian Spetnaz and the Russian VDV paratroopers from 1995 to this this day. The Spetnaz accepted the gun and gave it to there highest rank troopers for its amazing accuracy, reliablity and stopping power in the hands of a good soldier.

Performance The AN-94 can fire the first 2 rounds at a extremely high rate of fire of 1800, cycling down to 600 on the third shot. This anables the gun to put 2 rounds in the exact same spot as the previous round at a maximum range of 50m. The first round shatters the ceremic body armour and the secend penetrates right through. The gun also has exellent reliability, similar to the AK family standards, capable of withstanding water, heat from the fired catridges and sand in the barrel.


The guns high price flattered many customers but a couple of thousand models have been sold to the Russian Spetnaz Elite Troops for its overall amazing battle effectivness.

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