In FictionEdit


Bears a strong resemblance to AR18 and in someways M16.


Not much to say, more of an extra for now. Was also mentioned during the Enoshima arc.

In Real LifeEdit


The AR10 was presented to the United States militay by Eugene Stoner along with the AR15. Unfortunately the reason why it was not adopted was because the rifle broke during the evaluation. Strange enough countries like the Netherlands adopted it as their official service rifle, but usually locally made and with sturdier materials and different tolerances.

Evolutions of the rifle exist from the original. The most recent rifle is capable of using modern .308 magazines such as Magpul brand magazines. The AR-10B uses proprietary modified M14 Magazines. Each reciever is specially fitted specifically for their respective magazines.

Now the AR-10 is still known as the AR-10 because many civilians use it. 


Used in the past by.

Portugul and territories.






The AR-10 is just as accurate as the AR15 or the M16, Maximum effective range can go to around 1100 yards in the hands of a skilled marksman. The rifle is operated the same as a standard AR-15/M16 in terms of manual of arms. Many flaws have been otherwise remedied, many variations of the rifle are available from Armalite. Dimensions for hand guards, pistol grip, and stock are the same as a standard AR as well. Most notably, the differences are mainly in the much larger bolt carrier group, more robust reciever, and rail length on the top of the reciever.


A brand new one from Armalite itself is $1,500-$2000

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