Armored Highschool is a series of comics created by anyan . It features anthropomorphized modern military vehices living daily lives in high school.

Armored is a spin off of Flight Highschool, created after the initial run of Flight 4komas. It is currently being translated independently by WeaponsCrate over on the NA World of Tanks forums.

The ComicsEdit

Korean comics are read left to right just like English.

These translations are subject to change. If there are any or updates, they'll be noted here.Imgur links added.

Update: Batch 4 uploaded, caught up to Anyan -Kirbyeggs

  • AHS Batch 1 (imgur / Mediafire )
    • Cover
    • Characters
    • Detachable
    • Sympathy
    • Species Specialty
    • Mileage Difference
    • A Weak-Hearted Child
    • Age of Losses
    • American Quality
    • Hard Kill
    • German Armor is the Best in the World
    • Playing in the Water
  • AHS Batch 2 (imgur / Mediafire )
    • Gift of Civilization
    • Gift of Civilization 2
    • The Girl Who is Too Light for Me
    • No
    • Meet the Leopard 2 (1)
    • Meet the Leopard 2 (2)
    • Nothing To Be Done
    • Erasing the Past
    • Uninvited Guest
    • Uninvited Guest 2
    • King Arthur
    • Russian Quality
  • AHS Batch 3 (ImgurMediafire )
    • Infinite Expansion
    • I Really Wanted to Beat It Once
    • Meet the Merkava
    • Where Did It Go Wrong
    • Meet the Challenger 2
    • Side-Effects of Gaming
    • Welcome to the Airborne Club
    • Too Much
    • Stronger Wills Win Tank Battles
    • She Can Be an Ambulance Too
    • Family Tree
    • An Enigma
  • AHS Batch 4 (Imgur)
    • Brotherly Love
    • Now Show Us Level I
    • New Challenger
    • New Challenger 2
    • Unexpected Friendship
    • Similar But Different
    • Top Attack
    • Cosplay
    • Friendly Fire
    • Cognitive Dissonance
    • Pet
    • Armor Complex
    • Rival
    • 12 Years a Math Student



Character reference, plus a couple random samples of the comic for those just glancing through the page.

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