A simple collection of the /ak/ scans disclaimer pages with an explanation of the photo subject.  (Check if you've seen them all)

  • version t. Combat maid time!
  • special tights version with Mimi-chan and G3-oneesama
  • version s, inspired by the small combat shirt complex artbook sold at summer comiket '14
  • slavsquatting version for the latest Upotte chapters with lots of Akaganekou
  • Credits page Mauser daki.jpg 'Fluffy Mauser' version. Was a request for more raburabu ch. 17
  • version r
  • version q.
  • version p. Special M14 indecent sniping position edition
  • version o.
  • version n. Recreating AK 74's position on the cover of the 5th Upotte BD booklet with the Sonico cat-cammo parka
  • version m.
  • version l.
  • Version k. 'Working hard to bring you the latest translations' with a page of Gate ch. 28 as easter-egg
  • Version j. 'Give her the cleaning rod' in celebration of the Echiina doujin
  • Version i. Inspired by the Stella summer uniform from C3-bu
  • Version h. Based on a panel from GuP ch. 1, showing a flashback of Yukary playing with her tank models all alone before meeting with Miho
  • Version g. Bonus of the main bulk wearing spats instead
  • Version f. Based on a G3 fanservice pic from the 'authors comment' section at the end of Upotte!! vol. 2
  • Version e. Main bulk with varying thighhighs colours
  • Version d. Main bulk with varying thighhighs colours
  • Version c. Main bulk with varying thighhighs colours
  • Version b. Main bulk with varying thighhighs colours
  • Version a. Main bulk with varying thighhighs colours
  • Initial version (no longer in use). Recreating the 'indecent full-auto sniping stance', also showing how it doesn't work IRL because of legs to bipod length ratio

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