The Right Arm of The Free World.

In Fiction Edit

Appearance Edit

similar to L1A1

Personality Edit

cares enough for FNC to entrust her to her semi-auto clone

In Real Life Edit

History Edit

After WWII Saive working for the Belgian company Fabrique Nationale, Proposed the next generation of infantry rifles to be an automatic rifle with a small calibre cartridge for easy controllability during full auto,

but America with the background of the war preferred a longer range and stopping power, and forced NATO to adopt the7.62X51 cartridge as standard.

But rather than over look Saive's plan they fitted the FN-FAL with a longer receiver capable of withstanding the powerful 7.62X51 cartridge Britain who was strongly against the adoption of the new round made the troubled decision to adopt the FN rifles the their service Rifle

But the stubborn Brits believed that full auto has no practical use due to the strong recoil so they removed it (damn Brits)

So they made their own FAL using inch pattern(I hate the metric system too)

Incidentally during the Falkland war Argentinian soldiers were using full auto FAL's it seems the Brits preferred the Full auto FAL's rather than their own (I would too)

Users Edit

Belgium:replaced by The FNC



Germany:G1 rifles

Israel:standard issue rifle during the Arab Israeli war

Philippines: Libyan sourced used by rebels

Performance Edit

The FAL battle rifle has similar performance to the M14. It's maximum effective range with ironsights are zeroed only to a maximum of 600 yards. It is however quite effective and controllable at short ranged combat with semiautomatic fire. 

Cost Edit

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