I'd show her what I do with my right arm.


Delicious Right Arm of the Free World.

In FictionEdit



Responsable, and lax. A tactical genius.

Even though L1A1 is not really a blood related sister to FNC, she still cares for her. She is more of a Bishoujo charater straightman unaware of getting in yuri related situations. 

In Real LifeEdit


The original FN FAL was designed in post-war Belgium by arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal. The first designs were chambered in 7.92 x 33 Kurz, the same round fired by the STG-44, with additional prototypes firing the experimental .280 British caliber cartridge. When the rifle was presented to the British and the American militaries, there was a massive disagreement between the use of an intermediate cartridge in the weapon. The Americans claimed that the smaller round was inefficient while the British argued that a larger caliber would be uncontrollable during fully automatic fire.

A deal was struck between recently reelected Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Harry Truman to settle this, the rifle would be adopted by the U.S. if Great Britain and the rest of NATO made the .30 Light caliber (7.62 x 51mm) standard issue. The British and NATO agreed, but the United States ended up choosing the M14 as the standard infantry rifle instead. Regardless, the FAL's design was changed to recieve the much larger round and the metric-pattern rifle was pressed into service by 1951, with inch-pattern variants (C1A1 and L1A1) following soon after.


The L1A1/C1A1 FAL is patterned in imperial units, as opposed to the more numerous metric variants. Therefore, only users of the inch-pattern rifle will be listed.

In alphabetical order:

Australia - Reproduced under licence, replaced by F88 Austeyr (AUG variant)

Brunei - Standard issue alongside the M16

Canada - Reproduced under license as C1A1, replaced by Colt Canada C7 (M16 variant)



Malaysia - Replaced by HK33, Beretta AR 70, and M16A1

Nepal - Being replaced by the M16A2 in the Army, most have been transferred to the Armed Police Force & special units of the Police.

Papa New Guinea

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe - Replaced by South African R1 (metric pattern FAL)

Sierra Leone

United Kingdom - Primary manufacturer, standard issue until 1987 when replaced with L85A1. Has since been phased out of active duty by Army.


The FAL battle rifle has similar performace to the M14. It's maximum effective range with ironsights are zeroed only to a maximum of 600 yards. It is however quite effective and controlable at short ranged combat with semiautomatic fire. 


Nobody is sure because no one makes Inch Pattern FAL's anymore.

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