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This is the page for the Girls und Panzer anime repository. Will fill out when the chance arises.

(Part of the "Make /ak/ Great Again" program)

Updates Edit

  • (23-October-2016): Entire Anime section moved to separate page, some links might not work at the moment.
  • (29-May-2016): OVA for the Film is done.
  • (28-May-2016): Girls und Panzer der Film is done. Preliminary links added and will go up as it goes live. OVA should come up in a few days.
  • (23-Nov-2015): Tank Corner 6 finally released. Apologies for the delay and thanks for flying AK.
  • (01-Sep-2014): Tank Corner 5 has been subbed. Tank Corner 6 is currently in the pipe, please wait warmly.
  • (01-Sep-2014): Changed Tanks War OVA link to direct URL.
  • (12-Jul-2014): OVA 7 has been subbed. Check the related links below.
  • (05-Apr-2014): Due to a DMCA takedown order, the mediafire links for ALL OVAs and TCs have been removed. Blame Remove Your Media, LLC for that. [Re-hosted]
  • (06-Feb-2017): Repository nuked. Awaiting for reupload.:

Episodes Edit

BD Episodes (Because you can't get enough of /ak/-subs):

All episodes including recaps + OVAs + YTCs

  • (subtitles only) [mediafire][pcloud]
  • (muxed files) [mega]
  • Batch release (all episodes, OVAs and YTCs): [nyaa][magnet]

OVA Edit

Yukari's Tank Corner (YTC) Edit

  • Tank Corner 1: [nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 2: [nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 3: [nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 4: [mega][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 5: [mega][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 6: [mega][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 7 (Anzio): [mediafire][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner EX 1: [mediafire][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner EX 2: [mediafire][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 8 (Movie 1): [mediafire][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]
  • Tank Corner 7 (Movie 2): [mediafire][nyaa][animetosho][patch][ASS]

YTC 7 and beyond are missing, SAR is underway.

Movie Edit

Other Edit

/ak/-created content and other miscellaneous files (raws, sub files, etc.)

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