G3s sisters

"Amazing fertility"Fourteen-nee

>"It's ok, everyone loves G3. It's not like I'm important or anything."

-an anon post on /k/.

In FictionEdit

A side character in the Nano series that is also the other person that knows H&K33 is pretending to be G3. What we assumed but actually someone on /k/ confused the charater as being the H&K41 (not G41), so they made a "suffering" post about it in an "/ak/ thread". There is no real H&K41 charater, as G3 is the only older sister charater in that family.

In Real LifeEdit


H&K wanted to sell civilians their G3 rifle for extra jew gold as a side project. So they made a G3 rifle that only had the letters (not bullet icons) of "S", for safe and "E", for semiautomatic fire on the selector switch.

They said only about 400 rifles were made.

Well also H&K started up production again and renamed the newer ones "H&K91". But now H&K does not make any G3's anymore.


See G3


After the Import ban of 1989. The rifle became even more insignificant when American copy PTR91's cost twice as less with SG1 quality accuracy.

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