Hey that's cheating!

In FictionEdit


The tallest elementary school student it is something that embarrasses her. It is a reference to her firing assault rifle rounds instead of pistol rounds like other SMGs.

she wears the standard Atami uniform and not the uniform worn by her sisters because the particular variant of the HK53 that she's based on, the A3 variant, uses a retractable stock, unlike the solid fixed stock on the other G3 derivatives.


An extra charcater.

In Real LifeEdit

A shortened H&K33.


The H&K53 is a shortened H&K33 used in counterterrorism. 




The a 8 inch barreled H&K33. The sights zero to a maximum of 400 meters.

Cost Edit

HK53s on the U.S. civilian market are primarily sold as "pistols" because rifles with a barrel under 16" (the HK53 has an 8" barrel) are classified as Short Barreled Rifles (SBR) which require NFA registration and a $200 tax stamp. PIstol versions of the HK53 are semi-auto only and have no stock. HK53 pistols cost about $1300 for the ones made by Vector Arms and about $900 for the Century Arms versions.

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