Fiction Edit

Japanese native dressed in a Furisode kimono. Looks traditional.
Manga howa sisters 64 and 89

Type 89 (left) and Type 64 (right)

Fact Edit

The Year was 1964.

The Howa Type 64 was the domestic answer to the Japanese JSDF riflemen. After The United States allowed the Japanese government to militarize once again, the Type 64 rifle would replace the M1 Garand of the Japanese guardsmen.

The limitation of the rifle was that Japanese domestic steel was overall soft after the majority of hard steel was used for the Shōwa period Imperial Japanese Fleet, or that the rifles themselves were not strong enough for the .308 round. The use of a decreased powdered .308 allowed less strain on the rifle, even though less powerful it gave the Japanese rifleman more fire control than a full powered .308 rifle. The rifle was known to have "Hit the target" as symbol lettering for automatic fire.


The Type 64 with intended ammo would only make it out to 400 meters to be combat effective. A sniper rifle, later re-designated as marksmen rifle variant was a basic Type 64 with 2.2x M1D scope, performance with that rifle was almost indifferent.



SDF (Japanese Coast Guard)

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