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wears the standard elementary school uniform with a bow tie on her back, and has short cut hair black 


an Israeli Uzi submachine gun and Empi's self-proclaimed rival or at least she thinks she is.

Has a grudge with MP5. wants to be the "leader" of the elementary schoolers again, She used to be the leader untill MP arrived even if MP isn't really the leader. As she thinks that Empi is the leader, she keeps on challenging her in order to take her place. Obviously based on the first model in the Israeli line of Uzi submachineguns,Her accuracy and precision are not so good but she is very tough and reliable, She also seems to look up to M16.

She is good friends with a dog/wolf

Supotte nano 003 002-1-1

Uzi In nano

Rivalry between the Uzi sisters and MP5 sisters on the best SMG. This has some historical truth to it as a lot of security forces worldwide, including America and Germany, were armed with the Uzi during the Cold War until the MP5 took over as the world's main submachine gun.==In Real Life==


The Uzi was the first service gun to the IDF in the 1950's. That alone could not defeat the Egyptians on open ground. So they ended up buying a bunch of FAL's.


Uzi MP5 and M-10. Is that Cobra?


Mainly Israel, but also a lot of other states, primarly in Anti-terrorism and law-enforcement (both civilian and military) roles. Not used anymore by an armed force as a standard issue weapon.

In the Philippines There are thousands of locally made crude but reliable UZI's, Still in use by the MP and some Units in The AFP, while the israel made ones are in use by the Special Forces.


The uzi exists in three versions: Standard (with both retractable and full wooden stock), Mini (slightly smaller, folding stock), Micro (pistol-sized, folding but removeable stock). It works as an open bolt (it doesn't chamber a round in barrel until it's about to shoot), and given the longer barrel, the heavier bolt, and a smaller rate of fire than some SMG of almost the same size (MAC-10 in primis), but a smaller size than other SMGs (like MP5, PM12, FAMAE SAF etc.), it was meant as an effective "Close Quarter" weapon, good for handling in places where even an assault rifle would be hard to be used appreciatively. The Micro version was notably used by the US Secret Service's Presidential security team

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