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Kurogane 1
This manga shows the adventures of the (almost) all-female crew of the IJN heavy-cruiser/commerce raiding ship Unebi

or: Cute lesbian naval-officers wearing slacks doing other naval-officers, because everyone's gay in the navy


Ch. 31 raws + TL script

Ch. 31 PSD

Ch. 32 raws + TL script

Ch. 32 PSD

Ch. 33 raws + TL script *

Ch. 34 raws + TL script *

*minor change to script for chapters 33+34: the name of the newly introduced US navy captain is Wilhelmina Avery, not Apley


Vol. 1 was translated by Wings of Yuri, and volumes 2 + 3 by Oppai-Missile

ongoing chapters:

Chapter 31

Chapter 32

Chapter 33 (release) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 34 (release) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 35 (release) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 36 (release) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 37 (release)  Chapter 37 v1.1 (fixed typo on pg. 11) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 38 (release) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 39 (release) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 40 (release) :: (PSD files)

Chapter 41 (release) :: (PSD files)

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