Lf 59 is an extra charater, that is paired with AR-10. She is also seen in Chapter 35, greeted by Ar70/90.


The LF 59 was an Italian made FAL, produced by the Fabbrica d'armi Luigi Franchi. Even though it is "not based off of the FAL", the only thing that is different between the two is the stock shape and minor differences in the magazine well (making the FAL mags compatible with LF, but LF ones unusable on FAL). It was an effective rifle, that was interestedly tested by Italian Ministry of Defence in late '50s. It lost to the Beretta BM59 due to the fact that the LF59 was an entirely new rifle, while the BM was a modification of the preexisting BM1 (an Italian-made version of the M1 Garand in 7,62mm NATO); in fact to produce the Beretta were needed just some minor adjustement on the preexisting production lines, and also the creation of a conversion kit from BM1 to BM59 (giving the chance to convert preexisting stacks of rifles) led to the choice for the BM59, and the LF was soon forgotten

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