Garand is the Drill instructor for what is considered firearms target training. He himself is not a rifle but in chapter 33 there is a loaded M1 En Bloc clip on his desk. In the henti comic, those authors thought Garand was an actual Garand rifle with the famous "Ping" line in which /k/ made a sexual joke out of "What does /k/ say while having sex". Whenever Garand is human or not is debatable, when none of the male student extras are guns at all. But other male teachers have a gun's sir name, like "Suomi" which is a Finnish SMG.


The Garand rifle by John C. Garand is what General George S. Patton said to be "The greatest battle implement ever devised". The story begins in 1928, when Garand made the first medium capacity semiautomatic rifle. When he showed the design, the Defense Department immediately gave Springfield Armory a contract after details that finalized the rifle such as being in .30-06 met the requirements. It was not until 1943 that the Garand was used in the Pacific with the Marine Raiders and the rest of the Marine Corps. In 1944 is when the rifle began to really perform. When The United States Marine and Ranger battalions climbed up the beach and into the cliff trenches of Normandy, the M1 rifle in a rookie's hands defeated veteran reserves of German soldiers with Mauser 98K's. That continued the same in towns, fields, cities, and the war in Europe that lasted for over 5 years before ended in 1 year, 1 month, and 27 days when the allies reached Berlin.

The M1's last service was in Korea. It still brought great success to the now veterans of the Second World War who ended up taking control of the whole Korean peninsula in less than four months, despite General Douglas MacArthur's failure to hold it while provoking the Chinese at thier boarder. To 50 years later thanks to the South Korean government, more historical M1 Garand's would return to the United States Canada as the the most successful combat rifles in history.



The United States of America. South Korea.Commonwealth of The Philippines

Still used by The Philippines mostly CAFGU and the Citizen Auxiliary Homeland Defense Force


South America. 


The M1 Garand was one of the Spiritual successors of the M1917 style peep sight. Surprisingly the M1 is only Zeroed to a maximum of 400 yards. What made the M1 very effective was it was the only rifle that had a capacity of 8 rounds per clip, instead of two clips for 10 and so on. It is the only main service rifle at the time to be semi automatic, even the SVT-40 and Gewehr 43 with more revolutionary 10 round detachable magazines were outnumbered to remaining troops with Mosin Nagant's and Kar98k's. Even after the war the M1 was (debatable) just as accurate than the Springfield 1903A3 to create the M1C and M1D variants with mussle boosters for sniping.

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