In FictionEdit

Loud Top heavy Loli


She's apparently quite stacked. Reflects how the real-life M10 is top-heavy and tiring to handle for long. Big boobed little girl


M-10's Motor mouth is a reference to her ridiculous rate of fire

In Real lifeEdit



A machine pistol developed in 1964 chambered in either caliber 45.ACP or 9x19mm

The term "MAC-10" is commonly used, but it is not actually official, parlance Military Armament Corporation never used the nomenclature MAC-10 


source wikipedia


Really heavy and wastes to much ammo due to the high rate of fire,

The high rate of fire is the result of the lightweight bolt

can also use M3 magazines but needs modifying

Cost Edit

The MAC-10 is a relatively cheap submachinegun and is preferred by criminal gangs around the world for its low cost and concealability.

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