In the future, space has been destroyed, and only a small portion of humanity remains alive. A group of winged girls called angels must fight against the flying marine monsters attacking from the oceans.

a.k.a cute kemonomimi girls with wings, smocking cigarettes, drinking beer, and having fights against giant sea creatures, with an overall plot filled with mindfuck.



Raws removed, see here for more information.


Prologue TL script

Ch. 1 TL script

Ch. 2 TL script V2 only a minor change for page 74

Ch. 3 TL script also a better scan of page 118-119 here

Ch. 4 TL script Some new/better scans for the double pagesin this thread

Typeset chaptersEdit

Volume. 1

Volume. 2

Volume. 3

  • tbd




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