"What a Shame SVD"



Appears to be like SVD, however she has shorter hair and a different hairstyle. Tall like SVD has a shorter tail.


She seems to be one who likes to brag, and also looks down to other rifles, Western or Eastern. After SVD proved her wrong, she seems to hate it when she doesn't get things right. She also uses AKM as a warning.

  • Origin, Romania
  • Cartridge: 7.62x54mmR
  • Action: Long-Stroke Gas Operated


The project to develop the PSL commenced after the Soviet Union ceased sharing technical information and exporting military equipment (including the SVD Dragunov) to Romania, as a consequence of the latter's refusal to join the Invasion of Czechoslovakia.

PSL rifles were originally made at the Regia Autonomă pentru Producţia de Tehnică Militară - RATMIL Cugir arsenal in Cugir, Romania. After a consolidation of military arsenals when Romania joined NATO, production of the PSL is now at the SC Fabrica de Arme Cugir SA (ARMS arsenal) in Cugir, Romania which is completely retooled with all brand new state-of-the-art equipment.

Gone Hunting

One is a job and the other's mental sickness!

The PSL rifle's primary purpose is to be used by a platoon level designated marksman to engage targets at ranges beyond the capabilities of the standard issue AKM carbines. It is built around a stamped steel receiver similar to that of the RPK light machine gun; having a wider forward section enabling a strengthened, more substantial front trunnion. The PSL's operation is the same long stroke piston action of the Kalashnikovfamily of weapons. Its appearance is similar to the Dragunov sniper rifle yet not one single part interchanges between the rifles. Even the magazine isn't interchangeable. as the PSL uses an X pattern mag, while the Russian and Chinese magazines have a waffle pattern
Upotte!! by Kitsune Tennouji
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