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RPK is a tall, fairly muscular woman with large breasts with the ears and tail of a Siberian Tiger. Introduced in the Battle of Atami Arc, she, alongside Zastava M70, assaulted Genkou-sensei and Funco before being put down by sniper fire from G3. She later had her wounds treated by Genkou on the spot and was released afterwards.


Aggressive. Has a strong loyalty to her friends and comrades at arm, as well as Red Steel. Slight relation with Genkou, not much, just enough where she talks to him about some things about Red Steel.



The RPK was a modified AKM with an extended and heavier barrel to maintain sustained fire. Originally RPK magazines were extended AKM magazines of 40 rounds that look like a quarter circle, or a 75 round drum magazine. Unfortunately the RPK was not much unique to the AKM as the RPD. Only the RPK-74 would be the true next light machine gun successor being the only one in 5.45x39. It would be the first rifle to also be made outside Soviet Russia. After that the new RPK-16 derived from the AK-12 family. It would have a rails on the top, under, and sides. and also will have interchangleable barrels, unlilke the fixed barrels of the older designs.


It was more popular outside Russia and to this day is officially the exported RPKM, due to the whole 5.45x39 problem of armor penetration.

USSR,  Africa,  Asia,  Also manufactured in Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland.


The RPK is a AKM with a heavier receiver, bolt and barrel so automatic sustained fire by theory does not wear down the gun. It has a longer barrel of 23 inches. The sights adjust from 100-1000 meters, but effective range with the longer barrel is still estimated at 400 meters.

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