Salty Road volume1 cover

Takao a cute. A. CUTE.

Spin-off of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) following Takao, I-402, and Zuikaku in a "slice of life school comedy" taking place while the trio is infiltrating Yokosuka and it's facilities.

Special thanks to ILurk (Raws and original T/S) and his friend (Indonesian -> ENG translations) for their kind assistance!

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Also known as the "Tsundere Heavy Cruiser", Takao is a member of the "Fleet of Fog", a name given to the group of WW2 ships that started to appear many years ago, taking control of the world's oceans and holding humanity hostage. In Salty Road, she decides to infiltrate Yokosuka along with I-402 and Zuikaku after her battle with Iona and her crew. In order to learn about humanity and why the choose the actions they do, she disguises herself as a student and gains the acquaintance of a few very interesting humans along the way.





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Translations Edit

Scripts: Link TBA

Typesetting and Editing Edit

Chapter 1: Finished (uploaded 7/5/16)

Chapter 2: In progress (cleaning, editing) - Totally stalled out for the moment. No ETA on work resuming.

Chapter 3: -

Chapter 4: -

(total of 22 chapters spread across 3 volumes)

Finished files Edit

Chapter 1: Link

Chapter 2: -

Chapter 3: -

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