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"If my wings are to be broken, then go and break them!"
Manga by Takeshi Nogami about a girl flying WW2 Japanese plane to protect the skies of her school form other flying schoolgirl delinquents.

Hagoromo Maki is a country girl who commutes to a city school with her friend Motoko. Tired of crowded trains, they dream about flying to school like cool kids. Their dream becomes a reality when Motoko restores abandoned Shidenkai plane that was once piloted by the legendary "Maki of Shidenkai" in the old days of Ishigami Girls School. But anyone who dares to fly is issuing a challenge to aerial gangs ruling the skies of the city.

Unfortunately, it's serialized in Champion RED and not C. RED Ichigo, so no lewd.

Titular aircraft - Shidenkai Edit

Work in progress.

Translation Work Edit

Raws: Edit

  • (Volume 1 only, old link died, uploaded 7/27/16) Link

Translations: Edit

Edited .PSD [sans SFX]: Edit

Edited .PSD [with SFX] Edit

Final [QA'd and SFX]: Edit

Staff Edit

  • Raws: Swiss momo
  • Translations: Stiff Steve
  • General Typesetting: Lardagus
  • SFX Typesetting: g_z
  • Quality Assurance: ProofreaderAnon

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