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El small fry

In Fiction Edit

Appearance Edit

Wears standard Elementary school uniform
Manga nano star z84

Best pic I found of her. Tennouji vision tends to crank down the LOD to the minimum while rendering her...

Manga G41 HK53 Modelo L StarZ84 FARA83

See what I mean?

Personality Edit

an extra character that Likes to cook, other than that not much is known

In Real Life Edit

History Edit

Star S.A. developed the weapon after a successful run of submachineguns based on the German MP-40 design. Realizing they couldn't rebuild the same weapon over and over, they built the Z-84 completely from scratch using modern designs and engineering. At the time of the Z-84's design, The Z-84 was a sturdy well designed weapon in the end she never saw high production due to politics.

Performance Edit

The Z-84 was a sturdy well designed weapon that never saw high production due to politics. Originally manufactured for use by scuba divers, the Z-84 could be used right out of the water without and need to drain the working parts or magazine, said to be fairly accurate.

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