the British Lion

In Fiction Edit

Appearance Edit

white haired little princess
Upotte manga sterling mk4 colt m635 mat1949

From left to right: Sterling Mk4, Colt M635, MAT1949

Personality Edit

tea party loving little british girl

In Real Life Edit

History Edit

A British submachine gun designed in 1944, but wasn't issued till 1953

she remained in service from 1953 to 1994 were she was phased by the L85A1

The Sterling submachine gun was used as the base gun for the Blastech E-11 laser blaster rifle in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Performance Edit

The Sterling has a reputation for excellent reliability under adverse conditions, even though she is an open bolt submachinegun she shows great accuracy specially during burst fire,

While it has been reported that the weapon poses no problems for left-handed users to operate, however mild burns can occasionally be incurred by left-handed shooters. due to the path of the ejected cartrige cases.

has a folding shoulder stock .

Users Edit

United Kingdom-until 1994


Singapore- MK4

Canada- produce as the C1

India- licensed made by indian ordance

Philippines- local made Navy L34A1

Spain- spanish navy Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial smg

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