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A manga about combat maids engaging in trench warfare

August 1893, church calendar. The kingdom of Nohmaland declared war on the Flatanian empire and invaded their territory under the pretext of atrocities against Patlasi within the empire In order to support the regular troops, the empire send the [armed service], and armed maid group tasked with guarding/policing the castle inside, to the front lines. The war against the kingdom still continues

Raws Edit

Link removed, see here for more information.

Translations Edit

Chapter 1 TL script

Chapter 2 TL script minor change + editing note on line 368/page 28)

Chapter 3 TL script

Chapter 4 TL script

Chapter 5 TL script

Chapter 6 TL script

Chapter 7 TL script

Chapter 8 TL script

Clean Edit

CH 1

CH 2

CH 3

CH 4

CH 5

CH 6

CH 7

CH 8

Typeset Chapters Edit

Ch. 1 Ver 1 - PSD :: Ch. 1 Ver 1.1 (fixed some typos) | PSD (only modified pages)

Ch. 2 Ver 1 | PSD

Ch. 3 Ver 1

Ch. 4 Ver 1

Ch. 5 Ver 1

Ch. 6 Ver 1

Ch. 7 Ver 1

Ch. 8 Ver 1 Ch. 8 Ver 1.1 (fixed minor typo on pg. 22) | PSD

Ch. 9 Ver 1 | PSD

Ch. 10 Ver 1 | PSD

Ch. 11 Ver 1 | PSD Animated-update-image-0002

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