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Scanlators hard at work

Work on all Upotte!! materials (manga, Nano, Rufuira, LN, raws, etc.) goes here.

This page is for assisting /ak/ translators as they work by centralizing completed parts of the scanlation process. Material doesn't always go through the complete scanlation process in one thread and schedules don't always sync, so it may sometimes be convenient to have somewhere to leave incomplete portions of the process.

How it worksEdit

  1. Finalize your piece of work (examine grammar and spelling for translation, clean quality for cleaned scans, etc.) to ensure your work is quality
  2. Zip it up, making sure to name the file descriptively, and post it here
  3. Check here for other's work so you can continue the next steps
  4. Got a finished chapter? Great! Please email it to the archive manager so it can be added to the main /ak/ Mediafire.



All raw links were removed, read here for more information.

Cleaned scansEdit


Previous releasesEdit

Chapters done by animexis. Reuploaded for convenience.

  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
    • Volume 2 - 10-18 - Tournament Arc, 19 - Elle's backstory

Typeset chaptersEdit

  • Misc Extras - Author afterword for Vols 1-2 (not translated in Animexis' release) and 3 , Vol 1 Q&A,Vol 2 Omake (Elle-chan and me), Vol 3 Omake, Various color pages and comics from the tankobon's dust jacket.



Typeset chapters (nano)Edit

Rufuira / Other DoujinshiEdit

cleaned scansEdit


partial typesettingEdit


cleaned scansEdit


  • Cover: done
  • Chapter 1: n/a
  • Chapter 2: n/a
  • Chapter 3: n/a
  • Chapter 4: n/a
  • Chapter 5: n/a
  • Afterword: done
  • 4-koma: done, includet with raws

partial typesettingEdit

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