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  • Lardagus

    Another update for you all!

    As of this weekend, /ak/ scanlations will officially be dropping all the web novel-type series from our rotations. This means that within the next week or so, all of the series we deem not worth continuing will be removed from the wiki and links will be re-directed to this blog post.

    For series such as The New Gate and From Maid to Mother, they will be gradually removed from the wiki at the leisure of our staff. For those fans who wish to keep reading more, worry not! In an agreement with Uxtef, he's moved all of his translating operations to his new website: As for other operations, like typesetting and cleaning, we are still looking for ways to ease everyone into new locations as needed.

    If any…

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  • Lardagus

    New Month, New Changes

    February 9, 2018 by Lardagus

    Hello again, everyone~!

    Another series of updates just for you all! It won't be as many as last time, but this should be able to satisfy some of your questions you may have right now. Some of them will no doubt bring more questions and maybe a little salt from some of you, but we believe this is for the best. Without further ado, here's the roundup:

    MangaDex, /ak/ Scans, and You: A primer

    With the death of our dearly beloved Batoto last month, a lot of us here have been searching for some sort of site to fill that manga void. Worry no more! MangaDex is that void-replacing site for you!

    Follow us there for all the latest updates, as we will only upload to the wiki here and MangaDex. Other websites, while they get and host our files as well, are n…

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  • Lardagus

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    We hope you all have a great and safe holiday season, but with the toll of the bells and the bursting of fireworks shells, it's time to look ahead to 2018. This will be a somewhat short post as it's mostly a conclusion and additional thoughts for the upcoming release seasons.

    Operation Frozen Stars with Love AAR

    With another December passed means another finished Operation! While we did not reach our goal of 20 chapters released before New Year's Day, we did get a few new series into rotation and put out a nice spread worthy of commendation. The following is a (rough) list of the releases during December 1st to the 31st:

    SFJT Bonus Chapter
    Afterschool Girls x Assault 2
    Afterschool Girls x Assault 3
    Upotte Sisters #0

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  • Lardagus

    Hello everyone!

    Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or whatever else you all celebrate this time of year (or don't) everyone! We hope you all are having a good time doing whatever it is you do, whether that is chowing down on glorious holiday foods or clearing that anime/manga backlog you started in 2004 (but it only gets bigger, not smaller with each passing month).We have a few new things coming up for this month and beyond, so let's get started, shall we?

    Operation Frozen Stars with Love

    Just like last year with Operation Kiss in a Snowless Winter, we are going to have a new Operation dedicated to getting all you fans out there a nice blitz of quality content! Last year's grand total for chapter releases reached 13 chapters in…

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  • Lardagus

    Changes: Both Good and Bad

    January 31, 2017 by Lardagus

    As you all know, working with various files over the internet can be a messy business (see Clinton's emails). While this isn't a notice for a security breach or anything, this is going to be a change in the way we do our work around here. Because of a recent nuking of a few of our file hosting accounts on the grounds of copyright infringement (because of DMCA and all that good stuff), we will now only provide raws for all the projects we do via our private Slack group.

    While this may look like a pain in the butt, it also provides us with an opportunity to really get together and work on projects as one unified group rather than various splintered factions. Working together as a single group should help with both the quality of the translatio…

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